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Happy Daddy Genesis Micro Nail

Happy Daddy Genesis Micro Nail

Happy Daddy Genesis Micro Titanium Concentrate Nail

The Genesis Micro Nail from Happy Daddy is a smaller version of their incredible Genesis System - a purpose built titanium concentrate nail, designed to give the ulimate dabbing performance.

The Genesis Micro Nail is a superbly made domeless titanium nail which Happy Daddy have equipped with a bespoke quartz insert - giving you the immense flavours of a quartz glass nail with all the heat retention of titanium.  The quartz insert is American made by Black Market Glass and is removable, giving you the option of dabbing from quartz or titanium.

Happy Daddy have gone all out with this nail - we think it may be the ultimate dabbing accessory.  Firstly, the Genesis Micro Nail features a sublimation head and sublimation base.  Sublimation, for the uninitiated, involves the vaporization of a solid without it ever entering the liquid state.  It is a highly efficient form of vaporization with benefits such as improved flavour, increased potency and maximum vapour production.  The clever design of the sublimation head also acts as a anti-reclaim device - you'll lose a LOT less oil to your rig with this nail compared to others.

The Genesis Micro Nail is equipped with Happy Daddy's universal joint which allows you to use your nail with both male and female jointed rigs of 10mm size.  

The Genesis Micro Nail is also fully compatible with D-Nails and E-Nails - the adapters are sold separately and allow you to switch between analogue and Digital Dabbing with ease.

A superb quality nail from Happy Daddy that will provide it's lucky new owner with years of dabbing pleasure.

Product Features

  • GR.2 Titanium Dabbing Nail
  • Universal Joint
  • Specially designed for use with oils and concentrates
  • E-Nail and D-Nail Compatible
  • Quartz Glass Insert
  • Sublimation Head and Base

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