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Cousin Puffs Air Freshener

Cousin Puffs Air Freshener

Cousin Puffs by Tasty Puffs is the NEW Air Freshener designed to get rid of unwanted odours and smells. Cousin Puffs are designed to instantly freshen a room, with a selection of delicious flavours to choose from Cousin Puffs Air Freshener is really an odour eliminator, grabbing the causes of smells and locking them at molecular level to the Cousin Puffs fragrance, eliminating that odour completely.

Also Cousin Puffs comes in a pump action application which uses no aerosols to distribute the fragrance making them very environmentally friendly with NO ozone damaging gases!

Unlike Tasty Puffs Tobacco Flavoring you should not ingest Cousin Puffs in anyway, do not use to flavour tobacco!

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