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Cone Artist - Rolling and Loading Tool

Cone Artist - Rolling and Loading Tool

If you struggle with rolling your own or know someone who is forever spending too much money on pre-made cones then look no further at the tool you've been waiting to meet all this time.

Introducing the Cone Artist. Now what makes this tool great is not only the price but the attention to detail at every aspect, you'll achieve the perfect Cone shaped rolled paper every time.


The tip has a hollow recess at one end that would fit most paper rolled up roaches or better yet equip it with the Rolls® 'Metal' Pocket - Smart Filter (Free with this product - 10 Tips).

Then use your favourite brand of rolling papers and because of the shape of the tool it will shape your pre-roll whilst you 'ghost' roll into a cone. The notches around the orange poker is very useful in order to always have the 'Perfect' roll so you never end up creasing or double folding over any paper so your pre-roll is perfect every single time.

Then remove the tool poker from the paper and you are now left with a perfect home made pre-roll which now you can utilize the bucket tip which you can load with your favourite herbs and funnel it back into your cone.

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