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AtmosRAW Junior Vaporizer

AtmosRAW Junior Vaporizer

AtmosRAW Junior Vaporizer

AtmosRX Junior . Vaporizer compact sized for more discrete look. Available in the UK from the UK distributor, wholesaler and retailer of AtmosRaw and Atmos Nation products. This is the USA top Brand for Vaporizers. Suitable for all occasions and durably built to last. It’s Convenient for those who enjoy bike riding, skiing, and always on the go. This advanced vaporizer heats up your waxy oils evenly in a closed wickless ceramic chamber reducing the aroma expelled. Your starter kit comes already assembled and ready to use straight out of the box. Vaping in style is as easy as 1-2-3... Just fill, press the power button, inhale and enjoy!
Length – 10cm

Product Features

  • AtmosRx Junior Battery
  • Ceramic Heating chamber
  • Rubber mouthpiece
  • Packing tool
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual

Photo Gallery

/img/products/33/3339/Black Junior Vap and Box.jpg
/img/products/33/3339/Purple Junior Vap and Box.jpg
/img/products/33/3339/Grey Junior Vap and Box.jpg
/img/products/33/3339/Blue Junior Vap and Box.jpg



GBP Price

ATRAW-005-BLKAtmosRX Junior Vap Pen black45.00
ATRAW-005-BLUAtmosRX Junior Vap Pen blue45.00
ATRAW-005-PURPAtmosRX Junior Vap Pen purple45.00
ATRAW-005-SILAtmosRX Junior Vap Pen silver45.00Out of Stock

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