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Smoke Out Air Freshener by Orange Chronic

by orange chronic on 17 June 2011

Smoke Out Air Freshener by Orange Chronic


I just hate it when I have guests come over and there is an awful odour in the house. I am a smoker and of course I want to smoke in the comfort of my own home however there is nothing worse then the smell of stale smoke. Normal off the shelf air fresheners only mask the smell or combine the two odours and usually the smell these air fresheners give off are the not the most pleasant of odours. They are not natural even thought they claim to be. It would be great if they eliminated the odour straight away when I get that knock at the door and I am running around the house like crazy, spraying to save my embarrassment when they inhale that first breath and want to leave as quickly as they turned up!


I also smoke in my car which I know, is stupid considering it is in a confined space and is potentially a health hazard as I am breathing back in second hand smoke as soon as I exhale. But who does not want to smoke in their car on those monotonous long journeys to work when you are stuck in traffic and the only thing you want to do before work is chill out! I do smoke with the window open when it is a nice day so I can let some of it escape but what I am I to do on the rainy days?! On those days I arrive in the office absolutely reeking of smoke and the aftershave I have quickly sprayed on on my arrival. It does not help in a small office especially when everybody is looking at you like you have not washed in days! I am lucky my job does not entail working with the public as I am sure I would have been fired by now!


What I need is something that can get rid of odours quickly that does not make the odour worse than it was before and that does not cling to my clothes. Something that could preferably be a non aerosol spray. That is why Smoke Out Aerosol is the best product out there. It is natural as it has the pleasant smell of oranges and it does not mask it! Magic!