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Smelly Proof Bags - No More Smells

by gorilladaze on 27 April 2011

Smelly Proof Bags

The beauty of some things are in their simplicity, you have a problem think of a solution or in the case of the smelly proof bags, think of a different material and apply it to the problem!

Coming in a range of 5 handy sizes the Smelly Proof Bag traps any odour and doesnt let it out! Using a thicker more tear and puncture resistant plastic these bags really do stop even the smelliest contents from leaking out. The bag has a strong outer seal which has been heat bonded for additional strength. The weakest point of any bag though is the seal used on the opening, skimp on this and the contents are likely to fall out and if the seal is not airtight it will definitely leak odours. The seals on the Smelly proof range are extra string and seal with an audible "click" when pressed together making a strong air tight seal to the bag.

As the bags come in all shapes and sizes you really can use them for many things, when out and about fishing they can be used for smelly fish based baits. Store Cigars in them to keep at their optimum, smelly food for a picnic? no problem with the smelly proof bags, its all in a days work, just open, place contents inside and seal as easy as A, B, C.

Why not try these Smelly Proof Bags today and have them on stand-by you never know when the stench will strike!