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History of Seedism

The goal of the ultimate selection pack is to spread great genetics that are not under production by the existing companies who currently dominate the industry. Rather we choose to work closely with private breeders who after growing many great types of Cannabis seeds have developed their own hybrids containing their favourite strains.

These private breeders can be found all over the world, with dozens of internet sites hosting grow forums, with hundreds, possibly thousands of home growers showings of and sharing their strains. Some of these home growers decided to take it to the next step and started their own seed companies, such as Big Buddha, Chimera, and BOG to name just a few. Yet most of these home growers would never have a chance to release strains that may very well deserve to see the light of day. A chance the Ultimate Selection Pack provides for them.

During our work over the past nine years at the Cannabis College in Amsterdam we have had a chance to encounter many growers and breeders. Many who have added to our collective knowledge and continue to work closely with us today. Currently we have three different Ultimate selection packs available, one Indica selection pack, a Sativa selection pack and a Feminized selection pack. Both the Indica and Sativa selection packs contain five seeds, from four different strains, each giving you twenty seeds per pack. The Feminized selection pack contains ten seeds of two hermaphrodite free heavy hitters.

Three of the initial ten strains we have released are directly from our personal seed stock, with the remaining seven strains coming from three different breeders, who prefer to stay anonymous at this moment.

There are more selection packs in the making including our Ultimate outdoor selection pack, which shall be ready for the coming outdoor season. Also our Special breeder's selection pack is in the making combining four amazing breeders all in one pack of seeds. When purchasing one of our ultimate selection packs you will get four strains with similar growth patterns when grown side by side, but offering you four very different genotypes.

During the last eight years we have found that a lot of starting growers would love to try more than just one or two varieties at once, but this would be too expensive for some, thus the ultimate selection pack is a great way to try four different types at once.

More experienced growers can benefit from these packs by gaining four potential mother plants with massive cloning potential for high production grow-rooms.

Besides the financial benefits for the breeders we work with there is also the pride and satisfaction of having one of their strains growing in hundreds of little grow room's world wide.